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Technology Transition Support for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

The spirit of American innovation and entrepreneurship is our greatest asset.

Our nation’s security and strategic advantage hinge on our ability to innovate, adapt, and outpace potential adversaries in the realm of technology. Our adversaries are investing heavily in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, hypersonic weapons, and autonomous systems. To maintain our strategic advantage, we must be at the forefront of these technologies, pioneering their development and finding novel ways to integrate them into our defense strategies.

We believe in the ingenuity, resilience, and forward-thinking mindset of American tech founders and entrepreneurs. The challenges you face, while significant, also present opportunities for growth, innovation, and partnership.


Navigating Bureaucracy and Regulation

Overcoming complex regulations requires strategic navigation and building government relationships.

Access to Funding and Resources

Securing funding demands understanding the defense funding ecosystem and exploring non-traditional sources.

Integration with Existing Systems and Standards

Innovations must balance cutting-edge technology with compatibility with legacy defense systems.

Scaling and Deployment Challenges

Transitioning from prototype to large-scale production and deployment poses significant challenges, requiring navigation of manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain complexities.


Your innovation holds the potential to transform daily life and fortify national security. Align with us to make a dual impact. Let’s innovate together.



Defense Sector Training Programs

Tailored training programs that prepare dual-use companies to meet the defense industry’s unique requirements, with a focus on compliance, innovation, and strategic alignment with defense objectives.


Federal Market Strategy Development

Strategic guidance for dual-use companies to identify and target federal market opportunities, facilitating effective penetration into government sectors.


Strategic Networking and Capital Access

Exclusive networking opportunities with industry founders, investors, and mission partners through curated events, enhancing the growth potential and mission alignment of dual-use ventures.


Technology-Mission Alignment Services

Precise matchmaking of dual-use technologies with mission partner requirements, ensuring relevant and impactful defense sector integration.


Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Evaluation

Detailed evaluations to determine the maturity of a company’s technology for defense applications, essential for navigating the defense procurement process.


Operational Readiness Assessments

Comprehensive assessments to ensure that dual-use companies are operationally prepared to engage with and fulfill defense sector demands.


DoD Contracting Roadmap

A structured guide providing dual-use companies with clear steps to achieve contracts with the Department of Defense, based on successful technology matching.


Collaborative Innovation Spaces

Co-working environments designed to foster collaboration and innovation among dual-use companies, defense experts, and entrepreneurs.


Capability and Engineering On-Demand Solutions

Flexible ‘As-a-Service’ offerings that provide immediate access to capability development and engineering expertise, supporting the operational needs of dual-use companies in the defense arena.


By collaborating with Southwest MAC, companies gain unparalleled clarity in navigating the complex terrain of defense technology markets. Our partnership offers precise guidance and strategic insights, ensuring your innovations make a substantial impact in defense sectors.

Understand Defense Requirements

Research current defense priorities, technology gaps, and future trends. Look for official publications, defense strategy documents, and procurement forecasts.

Compliance and Standards

Familiarize with defense-specific regulations, such as cybersecurity standards, export controls, and operational requirements.

Technology Relevance

Ensure your product or technology has a clear application in the defense sector. This might involve modifying existing technologies to meet defense standards or developing new solutions to address identified gaps.

Networking and Partnerships

Engage with defense contractors, attend defense-focused events, and consider partnerships with established defense firms. Building a network in this sector is crucial for understanding its dynamics and opportunities.

Proposal and Bidding Processes

Learn about the defense procurement process, including how to respond to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Information (RFIs). This often requires a detailed understanding of defense contracting procedures.

Pilot Projects and Demonstrations

Be prepared to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of your technology in a defense context, possibly through pilot projects or controlled demonstrations.

Funding and Grants

Explore government grants and funding opportunities specifically aimed at defense innovation, like those offered by DARPA or other defense-related research agencies.

Intellectual Property and Security

Ensure that your intellectual property is protected and that you meet the stringent security requirements often demanded in defense contracts.

Adaptability and Scalability

The defense sector values technologies that can be adapted for various uses and scaled according to need.

Sustainment and Support

Be prepared to offer long-term support and maintenance for your products, as defense contracts often require extended service and support.

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Become an active member of the MAC defense ecosystem. If you are a Defense Mission Partner, Technology Company, Defense Tech Investor or Academic – we want to partner with you.

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