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Defense Partners

Join forces with the Mission Acceleration Center to revolutionize national defense strategies and delivery critical technologies to the warfighter.

Trusted by first-class DoD Mission Partners

Our mission is strengthened by alliances with leading defense and technology partners.

Strategic Catalyst for Defense Advancement

We catalyze defense breakthroughs, uniting expert resources to deliver mission-critical technologies swiftly and efficiently.

At the forefront of defense modernization, we are the trusted authority the Department of Defense depends on to unify resources and alliances, expediting the advancement of technologies that address critical national security challenges. By collaborating with the defense innovation network, we pinpoint emergent technological needs and fast-track their evolution, ensuring their timely integration to enhance warfighter capabilities.

Our methodology applied to mission validation and technology maturation, coupled with robust collaboration, sharpens mission comprehension, guarantees timely technological deployment, boosts adoption rates, and directly bolsters warfighter effectiveness and lethality.

Proud DIU Delivery Partner

As a Defense Innovation OnRamp Hub, we lower the barriers to entry and open the aperture to new talent and technology solutions from around the country.

We are proud to be a delivery partner to DIU, as a OnRamp Hub program site. DIU officials assessed a number of factors including the robustness of the defense innovation ecosystem; relevance of the innovation ecosystem to DOD needs; health of the innovation ecosystem; expressed demand signal from the innovation ecosystem; existence of similar facilities within key geographic areas; and expressed demand from the Pentagon.

Value We Provide to DoD Mission Partners


Understand Problems and Challenges

We offer in person and virtual workshops to identify and define the problems and challenges facing your command. By fostering deep understanding of the problems and challenges you are facing, we get to the root cause of the issue and identify the areas where technology can be applied to solve the problem.


Clearly State Needs and Objectives

We support the development of the documentation you need to move quickly through the acquisition process, including statements of need, features and functions lists, and initial market assessments required to advance the acquisition of critical technology.


Find Novel Emerging Technology

Access to a searchable database of XXX non-traditional vendors and technologies for the rapid identification of existing capabilities to meet the stated need. This database has the ability to filter available known technologies based on technology area, specific features and functions, and TRL, shortening the time it takes you to find what you are looking for.


Understand Timeline for Development

We work with you to build custom roadmaps that identify the most efficient acquisition pathway, including time-based milestones and deliverable, based on warfighter needs and command requirements.


Networking and Partnerships

Co-locate in the Mission Acceleration Center and work side-by-side with our experts, non-traditional vendors and DoD leads from other branches of the military. Attend curated, invitation-only defense-focused events that are relevant to your needs and build the network of innovators that is crucial for understanding the dynamic defense tech market.

Ensure the Unfair Advantage

Become an active member of the MAC defense ecosystem. If you are a Defense Mission Partner, Technology Company, Defense Tech Investor or Academic – we want to partner with you.

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