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The spirit of American innovation and entrepreneurship is our greatest asset.

This moment, characterized by the convergence of government acquisition reforms, policy incentives, and the strategic realignment of our national security objectives, signals a new era of innovation and investment that is not just promising but essential for our nation’s defense. We are witnessing firsthand the transformative power of technology to secure our nation’s future.

Moreover, the current geopolitical climate, marked by escalating tensions and increased military expenditures globally, underscores the urgency of our mission. The surge in global defense spending, driven by the need to address emerging threats and maintain strategic dominance, creates a fertile ground for defense tech innovation. This environment, while challenging, presents unparalleled opportunities for startups and established players alike to contribute to our national security.

The challenge before us is significant. Our adversaries are not waiting; they are actively investing in their own technological advancements. To maintain and extend our strategic advantage, we must be willing to take bold risks and support the development of defense technologies that can ensure our security in the decades to come.




Defense Sector Training Programs

Tailored training programs that prepare dual-use companies to meet the defense industry’s unique requirements, with a focus on compliance, innovation, and strategic alignment with defense objectives.


Federal Market Strategy Development

Strategic guidance for dual-use companies to identify and target federal market opportunities, facilitating effective penetration into government sectors.


Strategic Networking and Capital Access

Exclusive networking opportunities with industry founders, investors, and mission partners through curated events, enhancing the growth potential and mission alignment of dual-use ventures.


Technology-Mission Alignment Services

Precise matchmaking of dual-use technologies with mission partner requirements, ensuring relevant and impactful defense sector integration.


Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Evaluation

Detailed evaluations to determine the maturity of a company’s technology for defense applications, essential for navigating the defense procurement process.


Operational Readiness Assessments

Comprehensive assessments to ensure that dual-use companies are operationally prepared to engage with and fulfill defense sector demands.


DoD Contracting Roadmap

A structured guide providing dual-use companies with clear steps to achieve contracts with the Department of Defense, based on successful technology matching.


Collaborative Innovation Spaces

Co-working environments designed to foster collaboration and innovation among dual-use companies, defense experts, and entrepreneurs.


Capability and Engineering On-Demand Solutions

Flexible ‘As-a-Service’ offerings that provide immediate access to capability development and engineering expertise, supporting the operational needs of dual-use companies in the defense arena.


Unlock strategic opportunities poised for impact and aligned with national security priorities.

Strategic Investment Insights

Southwest MAC equips investors with critical insights into the evolving defense technology landscape and dual-use innovations. Our approach is informed by the latest trends in government policy incentives, geopolitical dynamics, and emerging threats. This ensures that investment decisions are not only aligned with national security priorities but also positioned at the forefront of technological advancement.

Access to Cutting-Edge Startups

We provide access to a meticulously selected portfolio of startups and non-traditional entities that are at the intersection of defense needs and commercial viability. These companies are actively addressing the challenges posed by new warfare tactics, cyber threats, and space security, offering substantial potential for commercial crossover and scalable solutions.

Enhanced Due Diligence Support

Our deep understanding of the defense sector’s evolving requirements, alongside our expertise in technology validation and market viability assessments, offers investors a unique advantage. This ensures that investments are not only impactful but are also resilient and adaptable to the fast-paced changes in defense technology.

Synergistic Partnership Opportunities

By joining our ecosystem, investors tap into a network of defense partners, academic institutions, and government entities. This collaborative environment is designed to accelerate the transition and adoption of breakthrough technologies, enhancing the value and impact of investments.

Direct Pathways to Defense Contracts

Utilize our expertise and established networks to simplify the journey through the defense contracting landscape. This streamlined pathway increases the chances of successful technology deployments and maximizes returns on investment by aligning startups with pressing defense requirements.

Priority Access to Innovation Events

Enjoy exclusive access to a suite of innovation-focused events, including demo days, pitch sessions, and showcases. These opportunities not only reveal the latest advancements in defense technology but also facilitate direct engagement with founders and co-investment possibilities with peers in the defense investment community.

Lab-to-Market Acceleration

Support the development of innovations that address immediate warfighter needs while harboring the potential for wide commercial application. Our focus on fostering a pipeline of dual-use technologies ensures that supported projects are not just viable for the defense market but are also primed for broader industry adoption and scaling.

Ensure the Unfair Advantage

Become an active member of the MAC defense ecosystem. If you are a Defense Mission Partner, Technology Company, Defense Tech Investor or Academic – we want to partner with you.

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