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Unlocking Academic Potential for National Defense

We’re Building Bridges from Southwest University Labs to the Frontlines of America’s Security

Southwest universities harbor some of the brightest minds and most advanced research in the world. They are a reservoir of untapped potential for groundbreaking technologies that could ensure our national security for generations. Yet, the bridge between academic research and its application in defense is one that requires strengthening.

The Southwest Mission Acceleration Center is committed to fostering robust partnerships with academic institutions. We envision an ecosystem where the transition from theory to practice, from research lab to field application, is seamless and encouraged. By investing in these collaborations, we’re not only harnessing the spirit of American innovation but also providing a platform for academia to contribute tangibly to our nation’s defense.

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Benefits of Partnering with the Southwest MAC

Empowering Research Commercialization for Civil and Defense Impact with Southwest MAC.

Strategic Partnership Ecosystem

Southwest MAC bridges the gap between university research and practical application, transforming academic innovations into dual-use solutions with commercial and defense potential.

Innovation to Commercialization Support

We provide a structured pathway for lab-to-market transition, offering resources, mentorship, and access to our extensive network to facilitate the commercialization of university-developed technologies.

Enhanced Educational Impact

Collaborate with us to integrate real-world technology challenges into your curriculum, preparing students for impactful careers in both the commercial and defense sectors.

Targeted Research Funding Opportunities

Gain access to specialized funding streams that support dual-use technology development and lab-to-market initiatives, enhancing the scope and scale of your research projects.

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Projects

We encourage cross-disciplinary research efforts, uniting diverse academic talents to tackle complex problems with innovative solutions that address both public needs and defense challenges.

Career Launchpad for Students

By partnering with Southwest MAC, universities can provide students with direct career pathways into industries that shape our national security and economic future, aligning academic achievements with market demands.

Lab-to-Market Commercialization Pathways

Leverage our expertise in navigating the journey from academic research to marketplace success, ensuring your innovations achieve their full potential in addressing societal and defense needs

Ensure the Unfair Advantage

Become an active member of the MAC defense ecosystem. If you are a Defense Mission Partner, Technology Company, Defense Tech Investor or Academic – we want to partner with you.

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